Back pain: How to make your spine elastic again

When you think about threats to your long-term health, heart disease, cancer, and dementia probably spring to mind. And for good reason. Most of us will die from one of these diseases. They are the biggest threats to our quantity of life. But when it comes to quality of life, there is one condition that is far more harmful than anything else.

Low back and neck pain.

Yep. A musculoskeletal disorder.

As with all health outcomes, back pain is multifactorial. But one of the most important causes is likely to be sedentary behaviour, particularly sitting. Hip flexors tighten, glutes and hamstrings weaken, and the spine loses mobility.

To counteract this, the first step is to get your spine moving fluidly again. In this video, I take you through a simple seated exercise to reintroduce some spinal elasticity.


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