Back pain: How to release low back tension

Low back pain is a big problem. It accounts for 15% of all morbidity (reduced quality of life) in working aged people. If you’ve experienced – or are currently experiencing – low back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. If you haven’t experienced low back pain, there is a decent chance you will in the future. Fortunately, the right movements – done consistently – can help prevent and treat it.

Prolonged and repeated sedentary positions can cause the joints and tissues of the low back to tense up. As can postural compensations we adopt to protect acute injuries that have long since healed. To make matters worse, much of the advice we are given to help reduce low back pain – “sit up straight”, “activate your belly and bum” – can create additional ‘locks’ in the back and neck.

The trick is to relax. Get out of the way. Unlock the low back and allow it to move freely once again.

In this video, I show you an exercise called String of Pearls. A relaxing way to unlock the low back by using your hips for support and allowing your abs to give up their struggle.

It can help relieve low back pain in the moment. And, done consistently, can help your body (and brain) let go of the tensions and locks that are often the cause.

Remember, don’t force it. It should be feel comfortable, not effortful.

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