Mastering cycling: Getting connected on the bike

I really can’t stress enough how important proper alignment, movement and mobility are to performing at any sport. And cycling is no exception.

Whether you’re trying to get faster, go for longer or just be more comfortable on your bike, how you ride is as important as – possibly more important than – how much and how hard you ride. In other words, form matters. A lot. But you need to learn it, and practise it.

There is no shortage of free, online training programmes for all types of cycling events. You can find great advice on bike selection, training volume and training intensity. But exercises to increase efficiency, power and resilience against injury? Not so much.

We’re trying to change that for you.

In this video, you’ll learn how to bring the previous drills – on efficiency and force management – together, on the bike. I also introduce an exercise to help keep your hips, trunk and arms connected, stacked and stable while riding.

See what happens if you dedicate just 10 minutes to these exercises before each ride.

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