Mastering movement: How to squat like an ancient human

Have you noticed how toddlers get close to the floor, to play with something or pick something up? If you’ve ever been to India or Africa, you will have noticed the same movement performed by…well…everybody. Young or old, big or small, male or female. They use it for working, eating, and resting. They don’t sit, kneel, or hinge from the hip like we do. They squat.

It’s a movement that we, in Western countries, have largely lost. Which is a shame, because it’s an ancient and essential movement that our bodies should be able to do effortlessly. In fact, being able to properly execute a squat is a great barometer for overall movement capability, an important tool for improving physical performance, and an effective treatment for back, hip, and knee pain.

So, how is it done? Following on from the suspension and searchlight videos, here I take you further. Into a proper squat. You may never feel or move the same again (in a good way!).

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