Proprioception: How to tell your brain where your body is

I can read a map. An old-fashioned paper map I mean. I can navigate a route and I can follow a compass bearing. But only if I know where I am. And that’s the bit I struggle with. Once I’m (even slightly) lost, I’m rubbish at identifying my position on the map. For this reason, I use a GPS when I’m in the hills.

When I know where I am, I can find where I need to go.

Moving your body works in the same way. Your brain knows how to move your body on command. But the movement will only be accurate, smooth, and unimpeded if your brain knows where each part of your body is.

It needs to be aware. This mechanism is called proprioception – the body communicating its position in space to the brain, via the nervous system – and it relies on our body being connected to the world around us.

In our ever more comfortable existence of indoor living, temperature control, supportive shoes, and cushioned chairs, we lose some of that connection. Our brain loses track of where our body is.

But we can remind it. We can give it a GPS. It’s called the Body Smoothie. Use it daily, but particularly before exercise.

Watch this video showing you how it’s done. Yes, it does feel as good as it looks!

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