Our unique modular solution

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Our 3 modules have been designed to empower your employees with everything they need to make meaningful, long-term improvements to their physical and mental wellbeing. We work with you to develop a bespoke and cohesive solution to fit and enhance your wellbeing strategy.
Health fundamentals
Small steps to success
Wellbeing culture
Health fundamentals
Small steps to success
Wellbeing culture

Module 01

Health Fundamentals

There is a lot of information out there on how to improve our bodies and minds. But we’re all different. How do we know what will work best for us as individuals? We help each employee uncover the most effective and achievable changes they can make to improve their health and happiness. In this module, your employees will learn:

  • Which systems of health are most crucial to their wellbeing, and why
  • Why eating, moving, and sleeping better are the best tools they have
  • How to create their own personalised and practical Eat Move Sleep toolkits

Module 02

Small steps to success

Most of us want to make positive changes to our wellbeing. But there is a disconnect between wanting and doing – making and sustaining the desired changes is difficult. To help your employees address this, we coach them to make lasting positive changes, using a proven system called Tiny Habits ®. In this module, your employees will learn:

  • How to achieve transformational change by starting small and feeling successful
  • How to embed and accumulate their chosen Eat Move Sleep habits
  • How to apply these skills to any behaviour to improve any aspect of their lives

Module 03

Wellbeing culture

The physical environment and social norms of an organisation have a powerful influence on employee behaviours. We help you refine the workplace culture to enable and encourage the employees who want to eat, move and sleep better. And to nudge everybody else in the right direction. In this module, we help your organisation to:

  • Make small, targeted changes that make a big difference to collective wellbeing
  • Prime the environment to make healthier choices the path of least resistance
  • Develop a culture that makes healthier behaviours the normal behaviours

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